Saturday, January 29, 2011

MMU is now desperado

Back in early times, students need to register earlier and they need to go through a filtering process. In my opinion, that creates a sense of standard towards the university.
Other the other hand, now, almost everyone that registers will be accepted by the university. Worst still when the students can register on the spot during registration day. What does these shows? Not desperate?
On top of that, Head of Operations, Mr.Sentil says that October and January intake is open to cater demands from the public. The demands he mean only satisfies around 50-150 per intake. In example, last two years October intake, less than 50 students turn up for both degree/diploma and foundation level. Last year, there was a slight increase in October intake. But the slight increase does not make much different.
What the university really needs to do is to centralize the operations division and faculties. When the marketers say MMU offers a course, make sure they really do. Commonly, the information travels differs between the marketers and faculty.
Why on earth MMU need so many intakes where there is only small number of students coming in. What if only 10 people applied and the 10 people come from different faculties? Means, the faculty will need to offer a subject just to cater the few people? Such waste on resources! And the faculty will be the one planning a new course structure just to cater the small number of students.
Recommendation: take away the October intake for local students but only allocate January and June intake. Operations are wasting time by putting their resources just to cater this small demand. At the end, the university will lose more in the long run.

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