Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Demand Truth and Money!

Previously, there was a company called by the name IDDS. This company was designed to help students as in protecting them, giving shuttle service and accomodation.

This sounded like an ideal service provided by an outsourced company. But what went wrong?
Mr. Kesavan (Head of OSH) then have shares in the company. Because of this, he used his wife, Madam Nalini (Head of ABLP) to promote IDDS.

Madam Nalini then used her power to get JPA scholar students into IDDS program. She told that this service is together with MMU. Having the students stranded, the students have no choice but to take it.

Now, until today. Students who are JPA scholar still have not get back their money. How much? RM750! Though RM750 might not sound much to our Datin in Human Resources, but it is a lot for students! Parents have to pay for this and they have not gotten their refund. Until today!

Hence, I would like to ask the students who falls under this circumstances to post your details i.e name, ID, Hp number (if can - but it will be made public).
Please come forth and let the university be the person who see this.

And the reader to judge whether this is morally right or wrong. To the people mentioned, BE RESPONSIBLE!

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