Monday, January 24, 2011

MMU's Culture is dying

Compare MMU's events for the past few years, events now are decline. More lame events and unmet event objective has been carried out.

Is it because of:

a) Facebook?
b) Packed classes?
c) Do no care?

MMU's graduate is famous in the industry as they are creative, responsible and quick. But what I can observe, this strength might not stay for long. Students are getting more self centered and does not participate in events. One of the reasons could be the stressful academic schedule and results of the senate's brilliant idea by having 21 credit hours in the long trimester.

But I would like to convery this message to all students. No matter how and what you think of students activities, you should be part of it.

Students activities i.e. clubs and societies allows you to make mistakes and learn from it. By the time you make mistakes in the industry, you will be fired. So, get of the computer, do not give excuses and participate. Students tend to give many excuses i.e. "I have exam tomorrow", "I have important class", "I have assignment to complete".

All this reason, I have been hearing it since day 1 I am in MMU. What is the problem? Its you yourself! You have problem managing your time. Why you have to do things last mninute. Students even tend to pay fees last minute. i.e. a student have exam on Monday 9am and have finally decided to pay the fees. The student decided to pay on Sunday (1 day before exam). If I were you, I would have stay at home and repeat all the subjects.

Please do not be a last minute person. Exam is coming and please print your exam slip much earlier.

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