Sunday, October 23, 2011

Part 3: Management lies again!

Back in 30 November 2010 (Tuesday), there was a meeting held and a circular was then given out to students via bulletin board.

Item 1.2 (100% payment) clearly says that students are expected to pay 75%. However, with the latest bulletin, the management again imposed 100% payment on fees. Most students (local) are taking PTPTN and those who are PTPTN holder, will have autocredit. This means that fees will be paid to the university when PTPTN bank in to students account. The only group of people that are unable to pay the fees would be:

1) Students that have GPA or CGPA below 2.0
2) Students that are self sponsored

If a student ever had GPA or CGPA below 2.0, he/she already need to focus in their studies. Why need to burden the students with financial problem as well. While they have to pull up their socks and study, they need to crack their head how to pay the fees. The university seemed to be insensitive to this minority group of people and fail to fulfill the welfare of the students. Most students that applied for the appeal got rejected as well. So, the only solution to this, students have to take leave of absence. They have to work and pay their fees. Students fail due to a few reasons and I think the management should allocate some room for the students that have learn from their mistakes. In example, a student that got GPA below 2.0 in his/her first semester, the student should at least given a chance for some fees exemption. After all, students cannot graduate if the they have not pay the full amount of money. So, what will the university lose?

Part 2: Lecturers get nothing out of RM50.00 administration fee!

Upon clarifying with the lecturers, they finally confirmed that they are not getting even a dime out of RM50.00 administration fee. The fee was imposed by the university and I still do not know why RM50.00?

While some say that my postings are stupid, coward and etc. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that I have done investigation and asked so many people (managements). And guess what, different people give me different answer. Some people say the RM50.00 was used for the printing of papers while some say it's not. Some say that the money is used to pay the electricity bills and administration clerk overtime while some say not. This will only make me look stupid if I have not inquired and questioned the management. While none of them manage to give a proper answer, this is what happens. I only demand what is right for students and I am still unhappy with the management imposing new rules without proper planning, execution and implementation. If the students manage to get answers from the Student Service Centre or each departments gives a centralized answer, this wont happen either.

The question if RM50.00 administration fee remains unanswered. The same goes to the remark policy. RM100.00 deposit are to be made. I only assumed that RM50.00 administration fee has been imposed on top of the RM50.00 remark.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Part 1: Latest implementation of Supplementary Exam

As everyone knows, MMU have implemented new policy on the supplementary exam. Since it is no longer re-sit exam, there are a few catch that was imposed.

I wish to highlight item no.1 which is the implementation of Exam Administrative Fee (RM50.00) per subject.
The facts are also as below:

Hence, according to this excel spreadsheet, there are total of 4050 students that are expected to take supplementary exam. With this numbers, the calculation are as below:

4050 Students X RM 50 = RM202,500

My question will be as below:

1) What is RM50 administration fee charged for?

PTPTN imposed 3% administration fee before and was reduced to 1% due to the fact that students find administration fee should not be too high. And now, our university impose administration fee of RM50 per subject. WHY?

2) Will the lecturers get some money out of RM50.00 per subject?

If yes, then this could be a scam even from the lecturers. The lecturers will fail more students to get extra money. It is just like sales where the lecturers will get commission. If the lecturers do not get money, and the management can simply use this tool to get more money! RM200K in one semester. If this is the figure, the university will get RM500,000 a year JUST BY FAILING STUDENTS!

Dear students, sit back and think again. Did we ask for such sickening implementation? With the long queue and the slow finance staff, students waste time standing there.

I would like to take this opportunity to address the graduation that took place few weeks ago. Mr.Zamzuri Abdul Majid said that the team of management took months to plan and initiate this effort. But the effort were rather stupid. What have they learn after conducting 12 convocation? NOTHING! Students were screaming and pushing. Common sense says it all. How can you fit 2000++ graduating students into FIT glassroom to collect a stupid sticker! And queue all the way to extention exam hall? Only morons which are good in sucking people money and not putting students welfare first, will do such thing!

Now, as a student of Multimedia University. My question is, ARE YOU HAPPY? Students come to university and to get education. Not getting all this crappy service and silly implementation of special fees. Dear management, I think the students can manage the university better than you. Why not you become the students and we teach you how to run the university. In fact, this is an education center where you do not apply most theories and concepts thought in classes. What do you do? I really wonder...

I think the university should produce and display their profit and loss. Just like the other companies, they publish it for public viewing. If they can do that, why MMU can't. Students are the stakeholders with 93% of the funds comes from students fees.Thank you!

Mis Managed Univiersity (MMU) does it AGAIN!

Almost everyone in the university was glad and happy when the new management came in. Students especially, expect better leadership quality and better management from the university's the top management. While the university welcomes Professor Dato' Dr. Muhamad Rasat Muhamad, the universty expects him to perform better. Many of the students actually did have faith with the new management. However, it did not last that long until the entire management screw things up again. Hence, it's time for this blog to be revived and will highlight and address those issues!

Let me highlight a few issues that we kick start this blog again.

1) Latest implementation of Supplementary Exam
2) Latest implementation of Remark
3) Policy always changes but not the staff

Sunday, February 6, 2011

IDDS part 2

Well, from my previous article, I have highlighted that there is a conflict of interest towards IDDS and MMU. Here is my prove:

Page 1
So, as you may see, this is the register document of IDDS.
Page 2:
And page 2 talks about the company..
Here is the interesting part. Page 3
Here you go, page 3. The second person who owns the company is Mr. Kesavan.
As mentioned, Mr.Kesavan is the Head of OSH while his wife is the Head of ABLP. The question here is:

1) Is there no conflict of interest?
2) Does MMU knows IDDS is part of Mr.Kesavan's business?
3) If the management do knows, why did not they take action?

When MMU accepted IDDS, it was when Mr.Kesavan have shares (at that time). And if MMU really do not know about this during that point of time, and the managment knows now. Don't he deserved to be punished?
However, I am not interested to know Mr.Kesavan will be punished or not, but I am interested to know why there is no refund to the JPA scholarship who became the victim of this.

Did Mr.Kesavan inform MMU that he is having this business before recommending it to MMU? The one who accept this is Madam Nalini (his wife). Of course she will accept it. But that's not my concern as well. My concern is that, IDDS uses MMU's name. And now, MMU's is the own who will be at fault. This is because, they accepted IDDS and recommended IDDS to the parents.

Ps: there is a long list of things that I can show linking IDDS and MMU and other people involved. Let's just put an end. Someone NEEDS TO REFUND THE STUDENTS!

Who will that be? It's not my concern as well. I only concerns the students who have paid for this but did not get what they need. I will personally urge all the students who is involved to lodge police report saying MMU took their money and let the investigation happen. No worries, if 20 people lodge at the same time, there will be immediate investigation. What more I can use my contacts!

I hope that the management can give an answer addressing this matter by end of this month. Should there be nothing by end of this month (February), I will take this to the next level. Refund the students as it is not yours to keep. Be responsible. Parents and students are not rich.


Today (6th February 2011) The Star newspaper come up with this article: LINK
[Words are extracted from The Star newspaper>education]

[Its corporate communications unit head Noor Hamiza Md Azahar also cleared the air over the number of credit hours that students are required to take in a trimester. “It is untrue that students are forced to take 21 credit hours in a trimester. “Students are told they are entitled to fill their 14 instructional weeks of studies wi th credit hours so long as it does not exceed 21 hours,” she said.]

Feedback: Miss Noor Hamiza "cleared" the issues? Wait a second, let's see what she cleared.

The first problem is, about the sentence "it was untrue that students are forced". See, the word forced is very subjective here. Yes, the faculties did not FORCE the students. But, they indirectly force students to take it. Why on earth does the university change the course structure of Faculty of Management (FOM), Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) and Faculty of Science and Technology (FIST). This three faculties release a course structure in which students are recommended to take. And MMU's faculty office always tells students, follow your course structure. Hence, students found out that if they do not take the subject, they will need to extend another academic year just to take a subject. It is true that week students should not take 21 credit hours if they are week, but mind you, the university should cater the optimum point and average students. In any way and every way, the students need to take 21 credit hours!

Second problem is that, the maximum credit hours is not 21 credit hours but 24 credit hours! (according to ERU rules and regulation. Hence, you have the second fact wrong)

Let's continue with the article: it says [She added that some students had to take the maximum number of credit hours because the Information Technology Faculty, Creative Media Faculty and Information Science and Technology Faculty only offer courses in the long trimesters. “The short trimester is open for students to resit their papers and participate in research and development projects,” she said.]

Third problem is about the maximum number of credit hours. MMU have no problem in offering subjects in long and short trimester before this. Why now the problem arise? And if the management really have the problem cater subjects in short trimester, the management WOULD NOT HAVE REVERT the implementation! Hence, this is another problem that they failed to address. 

As we read on, it says :[Noor Hamiza urged students to report any problems with equipment to the IT services unit in each faculty.]

The fourth problem is, as long as I have stayed here in MMU, I have complaint in all the departments regarding the IT services. But look, what happened? oops.. noting happen..

And the article says: [“Library users can now enjoy the improved library facilities by logging on to the system based at the MMU Malacca and Cyberjaya campuses.“The online resources were expanded in an effort to encourage students to better utilise the online library system,” she said.]

This leads to the fifth problem. Excuse me but is it not the students have been paying library fees? Hence, it is the university's responsibility in investing that sum of money! How much is every student paying again?

And lastly: [He also complained that students at the MMU Malacca campus had to bear with a blur projector screen which had not been repaired for the past four months.]

According to this statement, this clears the statement regarding IT facilities.Students have also been paying for IT fees and we do not wish to hear statements such as "it is in progress". What we want it, "a new projector will be replaced next week"

Why does it takes four months to get a new projector? This concludes MisManagement Issue in the university. It is the university's responsibility to cater urgent needs such as this. The university should not say that they need time to submit the order form from one department to another and finally get it. THIS SHOWS THAT MMU IS SLOW. How slow? As slow as MMU's lift! Hence, there is a problem in the system that the university fails to acknowledge!

ps: Readers, please stay tune as there are more things going to happen. I will put MMU's issue on the national paper if the university still fails to deliver the quality that they are supposed to! Pertaining to my article: Declare war with Management, this is only the first step.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

MMU is now desperado

Back in early times, students need to register earlier and they need to go through a filtering process. In my opinion, that creates a sense of standard towards the university.
Other the other hand, now, almost everyone that registers will be accepted by the university. Worst still when the students can register on the spot during registration day. What does these shows? Not desperate?
On top of that, Head of Operations, Mr.Sentil says that October and January intake is open to cater demands from the public. The demands he mean only satisfies around 50-150 per intake. In example, last two years October intake, less than 50 students turn up for both degree/diploma and foundation level. Last year, there was a slight increase in October intake. But the slight increase does not make much different.
What the university really needs to do is to centralize the operations division and faculties. When the marketers say MMU offers a course, make sure they really do. Commonly, the information travels differs between the marketers and faculty.
Why on earth MMU need so many intakes where there is only small number of students coming in. What if only 10 people applied and the 10 people come from different faculties? Means, the faculty will need to offer a subject just to cater the few people? Such waste on resources! And the faculty will be the one planning a new course structure just to cater the small number of students.
Recommendation: take away the October intake for local students but only allocate January and June intake. Operations are wasting time by putting their resources just to cater this small demand. At the end, the university will lose more in the long run.