Friday, January 21, 2011

Telekom VS MMU =Mis-Managed University

The day I entered MMU is the day that I wanted myself to be a better person.


I love MMU so much that I could not stand it anymore. Read and find out if you think MMU is making profit! Hence, following is the story!:

Back at the late decade, Multimedia University was known as Telekom University. Later, the name changed from Telekom University to Multimedia University. Upon changing the name, the first nickname given was Mahathir Mohammad University as a symbol of respect to the university’s chancellor, Tun Siti Hasmah. However, as time moves on, the name then changed to Money Making University as the university was known as its blood sucking fees imposed towards the students. However, now, I am going to label MMU as Mis-Managed University as the management team of MMU has failed to deliver what’s best for the students.


  1. Nicely written. Hope you can spread this news across your school, maybe you can start a rebellion, just like those ancient leaders !

  2. Sorry, but I am not an ancent leader. I only reveal facts that require their explanation.

  3. well, on behalf of alot students, u voice out their thoughts... but stating it here is nothing...

    i dont even see src to take more intensive solution : sending memorandum to minister of education or politicians or media. since its almost election. politicians will surely wanted to get their votes!

  4. 2) Prof. Dr. Tou Teck Yong
    can giv some example of wat thing he done?
    i m interested hehe

  5. simple.. he is too money minded and driving the university into R&D in which we do not need. R&D with pentium 3 processors?