Monday, January 24, 2011

Academic Calander

Once again, MMU has successfully implement things without referring to the students. The so called new academic calender does not have midterm break.

This clearly shows how crazy that can this be. Students will have no stop study as we usually have our break in week 8. Now, our midterm break is on Hari Raya. I guess that this will not have problem for the management as quite a number of them are Muslims. But have the university considered us (the students) as the stakeholders? 

MMU predicted that the holidays will fall where it suppose to be in this academic calender. And the genius Centre of Quality Assurance (CQAE) that designed this year's calender in a way that none of the holidays predicted fall where it should be.

Now, the question is, what makes they think that the holidays distribution will fall where it suppose to falls again then? What if the real Hari Raya falls one week before the midterm break? Will the university declare 2 weeks of holiday?

The university again are not sensitive with our multi-race and diversed country. Is it not common sense to know that 24th December is a day where the Christians should go to church? Does it not need common sense that 20th January should be a holiday for Indian students? And how does it feels to have Chinese New Year right before the exam?

This university's management has really not learn their mistakes and have been repetitively doing it over and over again. What is so hard about this matter? Why other universities does not have problem while only MMU has this problem? This is the result of the university change LSL(Long, Short, Long) to LLS (Long,  Long, Short)

Recommendation to the university: Kindly refer and use other university's calender as a guide. Do not be ego by having our own "unique" calender.


  1. LSL to LLS is "unique" calendar..its not unique ,they follow UNITEN (university tenaga nasional) i think.

    n muslim not celebrate Hari Raya Puasa only, we celebrate Hari Raya Haji.but MMU didnt give the long break.only 1 day holiday..i just go back home to celebrate,even the day after i hv class also midterm exam,assignment etc.please dont make sentence that u blame Muslim/Islam.

    n please understand Malaysia Public holiday.

  2. Uniten? not even close. Their semester system different compared to mmu. UNITEN short trimester is an optional trimester where students can choose for a holiday or a study. MMU 21 credit hours implementation forces students to got for holiday.

    As you say "Malaysia Public Holiday". Just because Melaka does not declare 20th (thaipusam) as holiday does not mean the Indian students do not celebrate. In fact, Indian Students have Exams.

    Why last year, MMU declare one week holiday (study week)? Just because of holiday? So, that's fair?

    On top of that, there are many other holidays for Chinese not only Chinese new year. And is it a public holiday? NO.

    I am not criticizing you or Muslim religion. I am criticizing the people who made this calendar as bias.

  3. Honestly, I am very disappointed with this university.

    why do we have to take so many subjects?
    Other universities have about 5 only but we can take up to 7-8 subjects one semester.

    Why our academic calendar like this?
    Our university not only consist of Malaysians but we also have international students and Im very sure they will appreciate it if we have long holidays so that they can go back to their country and spend time with their family.


    We are not obligated to stay in campus everyday and every hour just to fulfill their ridiculous requirement as this is the only uni by far I heard having such packed timetable.

    And they say, university is supposed to be the prime time of our life. On the contrary, I don't think I'm having the time of my life by being in this university.

    I think our thoughts as students matter because we are the only source of income for this university. If we come together and make a petition, I'm sure they will start paying attention to WHAT WE WANT instead of DOING WHAT THEY WANT.

    Compromise has to come along with this issue.
    If they care to compromise, I'm sure we will do the same.