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Today (6th February 2011) The Star newspaper come up with this article: LINK
[Words are extracted from The Star newspaper>education]

[Its corporate communications unit head Noor Hamiza Md Azahar also cleared the air over the number of credit hours that students are required to take in a trimester. “It is untrue that students are forced to take 21 credit hours in a trimester. “Students are told they are entitled to fill their 14 instructional weeks of studies wi th credit hours so long as it does not exceed 21 hours,” she said.]

Feedback: Miss Noor Hamiza "cleared" the issues? Wait a second, let's see what she cleared.

The first problem is, about the sentence "it was untrue that students are forced". See, the word forced is very subjective here. Yes, the faculties did not FORCE the students. But, they indirectly force students to take it. Why on earth does the university change the course structure of Faculty of Management (FOM), Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) and Faculty of Science and Technology (FIST). This three faculties release a course structure in which students are recommended to take. And MMU's faculty office always tells students, follow your course structure. Hence, students found out that if they do not take the subject, they will need to extend another academic year just to take a subject. It is true that week students should not take 21 credit hours if they are week, but mind you, the university should cater the optimum point and average students. In any way and every way, the students need to take 21 credit hours!

Second problem is that, the maximum credit hours is not 21 credit hours but 24 credit hours! (according to ERU rules and regulation. Hence, you have the second fact wrong)

Let's continue with the article: it says [She added that some students had to take the maximum number of credit hours because the Information Technology Faculty, Creative Media Faculty and Information Science and Technology Faculty only offer courses in the long trimesters. “The short trimester is open for students to resit their papers and participate in research and development projects,” she said.]

Third problem is about the maximum number of credit hours. MMU have no problem in offering subjects in long and short trimester before this. Why now the problem arise? And if the management really have the problem cater subjects in short trimester, the management WOULD NOT HAVE REVERT the implementation! Hence, this is another problem that they failed to address. 

As we read on, it says :[Noor Hamiza urged students to report any problems with equipment to the IT services unit in each faculty.]

The fourth problem is, as long as I have stayed here in MMU, I have complaint in all the departments regarding the IT services. But look, what happened? oops.. noting happen..

And the article says: [“Library users can now enjoy the improved library facilities by logging on to the system based at the MMU Malacca and Cyberjaya campuses.“The online resources were expanded in an effort to encourage students to better utilise the online library system,” she said.]

This leads to the fifth problem. Excuse me but is it not the students have been paying library fees? Hence, it is the university's responsibility in investing that sum of money! How much is every student paying again?

And lastly: [He also complained that students at the MMU Malacca campus had to bear with a blur projector screen which had not been repaired for the past four months.]

According to this statement, this clears the statement regarding IT facilities.Students have also been paying for IT fees and we do not wish to hear statements such as "it is in progress". What we want it, "a new projector will be replaced next week"

Why does it takes four months to get a new projector? This concludes MisManagement Issue in the university. It is the university's responsibility to cater urgent needs such as this. The university should not say that they need time to submit the order form from one department to another and finally get it. THIS SHOWS THAT MMU IS SLOW. How slow? As slow as MMU's lift! Hence, there is a problem in the system that the university fails to acknowledge!

ps: Readers, please stay tune as there are more things going to happen. I will put MMU's issue on the national paper if the university still fails to deliver the quality that they are supposed to! Pertaining to my article: Declare war with Management, this is only the first step.

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