Monday, January 24, 2011

Mis-Managed University

The ideology if Mis-Manged University started recently, as it got worst when the management started implementing several policies and implementation which have sparked student’s anger. The management imposed:

1) No refund after week 2
2) 100% payment before exam
3) Fixed Fees to be paid every trimester

Upon knowing this implementation takes place, Students’ Representative Council (SRC) lead by Mr.Gavin Clement Fernando has asked for the management’s justification. After meetings between the management and SRC, the management then agreed to address this to the students. 

On 10th November 2010 and 11th November 2010, Town Hall session was conducted by SRC as for the management to address these to the students. Both Cyberjaya and Melaka had that session and more than 500 students per campus turned up. The outcome of the meeting was clear that students clearly against these implementations. After the Town Hall session, six SRC and six students had a meeting scheduled on 30th November 2010 for negotiations regarding these policies. Lucky enough, the management and the students had an agreement and the three policies were amended.

However, above all this three policies, there is an implementation that has caused students to leave MMU. It was the implementation of 21 credit hours (7 subjects per trimester).  Students from Faculty of Management (FOM), Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) and Faulty of Information Science and Technology (FIST) have imposed this. New students now have to take 7 subjects and to be completed in 14 weeks. This was the major outbreak among the students as they now need to cope with more subjects, assignments and etc. Until now, there isn’t any proactive solution towards this matter.

Above all, Mis-Managed does not affect academically, but the whole system in MMU.  Students in MMU need to pay several fees which include library fee, IT Fees and Student’s activity fees. On library fee, the Chief Finance Officer, Ms. Noor Lela Binti Baba claimed that she have signed more than RM9 million cheque in a year. On top of that, students do not even see any new books as claimed by the library. Things became worst when students do not even have proper magazine to read and have only one set of newspaper to cater. 

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