Monday, January 24, 2011

Conclusion of Mis-management

Things became worst when too much of political steer that have changed the university. Students are putting bright hope towards our new president, Prof.Dato’ Rasat. However, how much and what can he do if there is too much influence from Telekom Malaysia (TM)? The TM Board of Directors has been appointing non-academic staffs into the university and has been holding the key roles of the university. We are lucky enough that one of the staff, Madam Noor Lela Baba is able to understand and think what’s best for the students. Other than that, there is no one! TM is simply too money oriented and how could TM expect MMU to make profit when we are not suppose to. MMU is now stand alone financially and please look at our university’s condition; outdated facilities, broken chairs, tables, bad projector output and so many to be listed. Where our money went to? 

Mismanagement comes in when TM put their hands into MMU too much even in hiring contractors. TM has forced MMU to take in more expensive contractors. In an example, TM force MMU to repair the 35 year old building (hostel) that cost RM9million but to build a new building will only cost RM10million. What is the logic behind this? TM has been controlling the money, human capital, R&D, technology and etc. MMU would have moved further if only TM does not influence in the decision making (including senate). In example, TM has appointed Datin Sri Sharifah Aamenah Sheikh AlJunid as the Senior Director of Human Capital Management in which she has not handled any human resource work. She got the position because her husband has a high rank position in TM.

Does this not have anything to do with conflict of interest? Is this the reason why more PhD holders are leaving MMU? Some time ago, there was a company named IDDS that approached MMU and they promised to provide services to MMU. MMU accepted their offer without knowing that Mr.Kesavan (Manager of OSH) have shares and commission from IDDS. How come Mr.Kesavan is involved? It's because Madam Nalini (Head of Admission) is Mr.Kesavan's wife! And again, conflict of interest? What did the HR department did about this? NOTHING!!

MMU have been known with our diverse skill and creativity. However, MMU’s now changing as students are not too tense up in academic. Hence, students have no heart to join events and participate in co-curricular.

Conclusion, MMU can do way better without TM influence! Telekom, TAKE BACK YOUR STAFF WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND ACADEMIC! They are too profit making. MMU is making profit, but where does the profit goes? Back to TM to service the loan! (WITH INTEREST)! If MMU does not need to pay back to TM, will they need to charge high fees? special fees? Now who is making profit? TM or MMU?

Upon having the new President, few people includes:

1) Datin Sri Sharifah Aamenah Sheikh AlJunid
2) Prof. Dr. Tou Teck Yong
And a few more people who are the people's informer which includes:

1) Mr. Kesavan S/O A Arumugam  
2) Madam Nalini D/O R.S.Pragasam  

What did they do? The are the mastermind behind this. They made the new President listen to them. Refirmishment work was stopped because of them! FAIR GAME? The new President is a good person (student oriented) but not the people around him and influencing him.

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