Monday, January 24, 2011

Not Transparent

Students’ Trust Fund (STF) which was imposed by Student Affairs Division as it will be used for Club and Societies budget. For many years, the management has failed to produce its transparency though students were the one have been paying for it. 

Assuming MMU students pay RM8000 per year and there are 20,000 students who paid this amount, MMU will be having RM160 Million. And the Chief Finance Officer says this sum of money is not enough to run the university. On top of that, Ex-Melaka Campus Director, Prof. Datuk Dr. Omar said that MMU have been paying about RM 80 million to Telekom Berhad as service of loan. The total loan taken was RM135 Million and was suppose to due in 2014 (RM135milion is with 3.5% interest). If this claim is true, which part shows Telekom’s co-operate social responsibility?

As a student of Multimedia University, I do not think all these justification and Mismanagement should continue to take place. The higher management of the university is employees from Telekom Berhad and they are profit making people. This group of people is not suitable to be in education sector. On behalf of the students in MMU, we want transparency from the management. Students did not get the services that we have paid for. MMU management is consistently getting more students into MMU but fail to think the current condition and capacity of the university. This is all because of MISMANAGEMENT.

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