Thursday, October 20, 2011

Part 1: Latest implementation of Supplementary Exam

As everyone knows, MMU have implemented new policy on the supplementary exam. Since it is no longer re-sit exam, there are a few catch that was imposed.

I wish to highlight item no.1 which is the implementation of Exam Administrative Fee (RM50.00) per subject.
The facts are also as below:

Hence, according to this excel spreadsheet, there are total of 4050 students that are expected to take supplementary exam. With this numbers, the calculation are as below:

4050 Students X RM 50 = RM202,500

My question will be as below:

1) What is RM50 administration fee charged for?

PTPTN imposed 3% administration fee before and was reduced to 1% due to the fact that students find administration fee should not be too high. And now, our university impose administration fee of RM50 per subject. WHY?

2) Will the lecturers get some money out of RM50.00 per subject?

If yes, then this could be a scam even from the lecturers. The lecturers will fail more students to get extra money. It is just like sales where the lecturers will get commission. If the lecturers do not get money, and the management can simply use this tool to get more money! RM200K in one semester. If this is the figure, the university will get RM500,000 a year JUST BY FAILING STUDENTS!

Dear students, sit back and think again. Did we ask for such sickening implementation? With the long queue and the slow finance staff, students waste time standing there.

I would like to take this opportunity to address the graduation that took place few weeks ago. Mr.Zamzuri Abdul Majid said that the team of management took months to plan and initiate this effort. But the effort were rather stupid. What have they learn after conducting 12 convocation? NOTHING! Students were screaming and pushing. Common sense says it all. How can you fit 2000++ graduating students into FIT glassroom to collect a stupid sticker! And queue all the way to extention exam hall? Only morons which are good in sucking people money and not putting students welfare first, will do such thing!

Now, as a student of Multimedia University. My question is, ARE YOU HAPPY? Students come to university and to get education. Not getting all this crappy service and silly implementation of special fees. Dear management, I think the students can manage the university better than you. Why not you become the students and we teach you how to run the university. In fact, this is an education center where you do not apply most theories and concepts thought in classes. What do you do? I really wonder...

I think the university should produce and display their profit and loss. Just like the other companies, they publish it for public viewing. If they can do that, why MMU can't. Students are the stakeholders with 93% of the funds comes from students fees.Thank you!


  1. this is a good one. even u take Leave of Absence but still have 2 pay about rm200 for nothing. this is money making university

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  3. totally agree.. after this management only will wish more students to fail bcoz its profitable..i was there when all 2000++ graduating students trying to fit into FIT glassroom to collect a stupid sticker.. then the guard was shouting at us.. after that one gal shouted she cant breathe.. so stupid system..

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  5. ya i totally agree with wht u saying... let us take another example also...we need pay around rm200 per month per person for hostel rental... if there is 3 person in a room,it will be around rm600 charged just per month..not for per sem... let us calculated for hb1,hb2,hb3,n hb4...there are 3 wings for each hb..just imagine hw many rooms n the charge will be just for per month... we are staying in hostel which are in campus is around same price only if we are staying at outside also... what we get adavantages as a MMU student???smmore we need pay extra for internet hostel service n then for student trust fund smmore.. i do no why MMU charge too much for much for students...ya i understand MMU is private university but then just tink logic lah our loan is enough for our stdy only... hmmmm

  6. student trust fund MMU charging rm110 for every 1st sem for per students...there was too much money...i aso do no where the money going n what they do with that money also... where is our rights???

  7. This is why the previous president can manage so well and now he is so famous. this president can't do as well as him then just simply charge student for all the money.

  8. ex-MMU student here, and a friend of a lecturer,

    1) supp is a waste of: electricity, human resource, PAPERS, and TIME. Why? most of supp student failed on the exam. A serious wastage of resources.

    2) lecturers get NONE of the money. do you think your lecturers want supp papers? If I were a lecturer, I would suggest no supp at all. again, waste of lecturers time to invigilate exam/mark papers/key-in marks/etc.

    3) Do not want to pay for supp when the fault is yours to fail? Go to IPTA then, no supp at all. Once fail, repeat the paper again.

    4) So why fail at the first place? Study hard larr.. why are you so eager to go to supp exam anyway?

  9. but for those who really injured becoz of accident and heavy sickness,what shud they do??

  10. I believe that nothing behind every new rule or regulation that MMU comes up with but Money. It is the main source and driver. This what makes it losing it. I mean this is supposed to be an educational institution functioning and specializing in spreading knowledge and contributing to the different fields of science. It is supposed to have the knowledge its ultimate goal and priority. It should provide qualified lecturers, fine equipment, proper halls, etc .. Anyway, what are we expecting from a university who put the money as its first priority !? All we got to do is graduate as soon as possible and I will never ever advice any fresh high school graduate to join MMU. seriously, there is plenty of better places out there, yet this is our luck :D ..

  11. I've read all your posts about MMU. All your criticism is directed at its management, and you are trying to warn high school graduates like me to stay away. But does its lousy management affect its quality of education, I think only to a certain extent, but most important is its good lecturers and the things you learn there. So, should ppl like me really stay away due to its management issue, or can they try to deal with it and still learn a great deal there academic wise? Pls advise.