Sunday, October 23, 2011

Part 3: Management lies again!

Back in 30 November 2010 (Tuesday), there was a meeting held and a circular was then given out to students via bulletin board.

Item 1.2 (100% payment) clearly says that students are expected to pay 75%. However, with the latest bulletin, the management again imposed 100% payment on fees. Most students (local) are taking PTPTN and those who are PTPTN holder, will have autocredit. This means that fees will be paid to the university when PTPTN bank in to students account. The only group of people that are unable to pay the fees would be:

1) Students that have GPA or CGPA below 2.0
2) Students that are self sponsored

If a student ever had GPA or CGPA below 2.0, he/she already need to focus in their studies. Why need to burden the students with financial problem as well. While they have to pull up their socks and study, they need to crack their head how to pay the fees. The university seemed to be insensitive to this minority group of people and fail to fulfill the welfare of the students. Most students that applied for the appeal got rejected as well. So, the only solution to this, students have to take leave of absence. They have to work and pay their fees. Students fail due to a few reasons and I think the management should allocate some room for the students that have learn from their mistakes. In example, a student that got GPA below 2.0 in his/her first semester, the student should at least given a chance for some fees exemption. After all, students cannot graduate if the they have not pay the full amount of money. So, what will the university lose?


  1. The problem arise is, if a student knows he has financial problem, then he should be concentrating in his studies rite?
    If he concentrate, how come he could get bad result?

  2. blablabla; the student will have financial problem if he flunk the pointer.. then he need to make it up in their next sem rite? instead of juz worrying and focusing on improving the pointer.. the student had to also struggle to aid the financial prob..

    the policy should be improving n helping the kids not burdening them more..

  3. Good information on the reality on MMU and I applaud you for being steadfast and put much effort into this. May I ask, are there any recent improvements or is still bad?