Sunday, October 23, 2011

Part 2: Lecturers get nothing out of RM50.00 administration fee!

Upon clarifying with the lecturers, they finally confirmed that they are not getting even a dime out of RM50.00 administration fee. The fee was imposed by the university and I still do not know why RM50.00?

While some say that my postings are stupid, coward and etc. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that I have done investigation and asked so many people (managements). And guess what, different people give me different answer. Some people say the RM50.00 was used for the printing of papers while some say it's not. Some say that the money is used to pay the electricity bills and administration clerk overtime while some say not. This will only make me look stupid if I have not inquired and questioned the management. While none of them manage to give a proper answer, this is what happens. I only demand what is right for students and I am still unhappy with the management imposing new rules without proper planning, execution and implementation. If the students manage to get answers from the Student Service Centre or each departments gives a centralized answer, this wont happen either.

The question if RM50.00 administration fee remains unanswered. The same goes to the remark policy. RM100.00 deposit are to be made. I only assumed that RM50.00 administration fee has been imposed on top of the RM50.00 remark.

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  1. I dont think so what u were doin is stupid. thanks to stand for the sake of the student in mmu. I'm also stress out with all of these.. wasting all my parent money just for the paper that i already take for fifth time.. this is so stressful.. What do u think we can do to bring this issue forward? Do we need further investigation from the authority to looked into this matter?