Sunday, February 6, 2011

IDDS part 2

Well, from my previous article, I have highlighted that there is a conflict of interest towards IDDS and MMU. Here is my prove:

Page 1
So, as you may see, this is the register document of IDDS.
Page 2:
And page 2 talks about the company..
Here is the interesting part. Page 3
Here you go, page 3. The second person who owns the company is Mr. Kesavan.
As mentioned, Mr.Kesavan is the Head of OSH while his wife is the Head of ABLP. The question here is:

1) Is there no conflict of interest?
2) Does MMU knows IDDS is part of Mr.Kesavan's business?
3) If the management do knows, why did not they take action?

When MMU accepted IDDS, it was when Mr.Kesavan have shares (at that time). And if MMU really do not know about this during that point of time, and the managment knows now. Don't he deserved to be punished?
However, I am not interested to know Mr.Kesavan will be punished or not, but I am interested to know why there is no refund to the JPA scholarship who became the victim of this.

Did Mr.Kesavan inform MMU that he is having this business before recommending it to MMU? The one who accept this is Madam Nalini (his wife). Of course she will accept it. But that's not my concern as well. My concern is that, IDDS uses MMU's name. And now, MMU's is the own who will be at fault. This is because, they accepted IDDS and recommended IDDS to the parents.

Ps: there is a long list of things that I can show linking IDDS and MMU and other people involved. Let's just put an end. Someone NEEDS TO REFUND THE STUDENTS!

Who will that be? It's not my concern as well. I only concerns the students who have paid for this but did not get what they need. I will personally urge all the students who is involved to lodge police report saying MMU took their money and let the investigation happen. No worries, if 20 people lodge at the same time, there will be immediate investigation. What more I can use my contacts!

I hope that the management can give an answer addressing this matter by end of this month. Should there be nothing by end of this month (February), I will take this to the next level. Refund the students as it is not yours to keep. Be responsible. Parents and students are not rich.


  1. actually i dun really read all the posts because it is wordy, can u highlight the important points or keyword?

  2. @Huey - Technically speaking, the amount of money "kena makan" by those responsible is (RM750 x the number of JPA scholars) and it has not been refunded to the students who got the JPA scholarship.